One last person to meet...


Well I can’t say much about her because, well, I am her. She is a lady that the women at Bluegrass Catering have kindly brought into their family and made her one of them. She isn’t here all of the time because she works more than one job, but the tales she tells often make everyone say “Well that’s just sounds terrible…next time call me so I can be there?” We laugh a lot during out work hours and sometimes we have a little toddy after hours and laugh some more.       

I first met Judy in a check out lane at Kroger (no plug intended). She had brussels sprouts in her cart and I just started talking about brussels sprouts. I said I like them roasted with gorgonzola cheese and she said she hates them. “So why do you cook them?” I ask and she responds “I run a catering business and I buy them for my guests” Oh, good idea, feed stuff you hate to your clients. I do some catering too, in fact I am catering a wedding for 200 in three days. I came by here to pick up some of my very best help and just ran in to get lemon juice. You should hire this woman when she has been working for me, she works circles around everyone else and she is great help.” I then I introduced her to Betty and she hired her the next week. See, it pays to be nice to everyone, especially in the check out aisle at Kroger. Every once in a while, you should let someone go ahead of you if they have less food in their cart, or just speak to them. You will be surprised at what may come of it. I met some of my most favorite people that day over being nosy about brussels sprouts.