Fall Approaches (or How I spent my summer)

Well, summer is almost over, and we are still here. We have had vacations and a wonderful Kid’s Cooking Class. The Kid’s class was an absolute blast with about a dozen 8-year old girls and one boy, occasionally two. We first gave them plastic knives to practice with but by Wednesday we gave them real, sharp knives and taught them knife skills, like how to pass a knife by the handle, bend your fingers to protect them and not unintentionally cut you friends. Also, to not intentionally cut your friends. Kids, no matter what age are rambunctious, loud and generally like herding cats. Nonetheless, everyone enjoyed themselves, ate like little piggy’s and learned how to make dough for pizza, decorate cupcakes and cut up both vegetable and fruit salads. Every day was a new adventure that ended usually with cartoons. There was even a visit to Pampania’s to see many new kinds of produce. Overall, we had a good response from parents and children alike.

Right after the cooking classes some of us got short holidays away from town. Some people (who shall not be named) took photographs of one another while they slept in a  porch chair. To be honest, both were caught with their mouths hanging open in full snore position. Then right back into this rainy fall with a barbecue at Transylvania that enjoyed a strong cleansing rain storm right after Rodney got everything set up.  Ah! Kentucky! they say if you don't like the weather, hang around, it will change!

So now they are back in school and its time for the grown ups to get back to work. We will be ramping up our fall fun. Come join us at your event or give us a call to plan something special.