Everyone Else

Now that you have been introduced to the regular staff, its time to meet the irregular staff. These are the occasional people that wander around attempting to help out when the work load gets so great that additional people are needed to either make the food come out on time or serve the throngs of patrons. This means that when there is a wedding of 350 or two dinners of 185 at the same time, the kitchen is bustling and there is a crowd of wait staff that come in to roll silverware and set up tables.  One might say, the irregulars are just that, irregular. People from all walks of life moonlight as kitchen help. School teachers, bookkeepers, appraisers, nurses, engineering students, and retired chefs, as well as the young people that come dressed in all black to make a few extra dollars to pay their rent. With them, they bring a surprising myriad of personality quirks, stories of odd love lives, and other entertaining tales. Needless to say, the kitchen often attracts people that are on the fringes of society. The unemployed and unemployable. Mostly Bluegrass Catering has attracted some of the most fun and funny individuals out there. No unemployables here. Jill and Judy are discerning in who they hire and welcome all with open arms, making one and all feel like family. So lets get started on the “irregulars”…


A retired chef that has more knowledge about cooking and how to run a kitchen efficiently in her little finger than most people ever know. Her years of experience all over the country has brought her to a soft easy way of getting her work done and keeping a cool conversation going with her neighbors. She has a way of passing her knowledge on to everyone that makes them feel special that she has deigned to share something with them. Like Betty, she can make beautiful fruit and veggies trays that are so appetizing and are a fiesta of color for the eyes.



This guy has hats of many trades. So smart, yet shy and quiet. He talks little but is always helpful and never, ever complains about anything. All around good guy. He is an appraiser by trade yet he works in the kitchen as a prep cook and then switched to a waiter whenever necessary. He is handsome and single and needs to find a good woman. (it does not help that it is his mother that is writing this…)



School teacher in the fall and winter and black shirt by night. Rebecca is another super-efficient, super friendly all-around helper. She helps in the kitchen and then manages the wait staff with the cool strong arm you see so many teachers develop as a result of dealing with unruly children all day long. One hard look from her and you straighten up you act, pronto. I don’t think I have seen her without a smile though. Rebecca is Shannon’s back up on those busy nights when there are more than one party and poor Shannon can only be in one place at a time. Rebecca steps up and takes up any slack or flack that comes her way.