The Dream team

Its time to introduce the dream team of Bluegrass Catering. Our chief, the backbone of our kitchen. Jonetta Turpin. This woman is not to be trifled with. She can plan a meal for 500, all increments included, get it prepared on time and never ruffle a feather. Everything is tasty, beautiful and in adequate amounts for the entire 500. It is an amazing scene to behold. She delegates the duties, stands over a hot stove stirring and handling giant pots all, with perfect makeup and no stains on her clothing. No wonder Rodney adores her.


Rodney, the other half of the dream team, never has a bad word to say, is as efficient as his spouse and has an unending wardrobe of baseball caps, The story goes that Rodney was hired to do an odd job before he met Jonetta and he hung around Bluegrass Catering biding his time until she looked his way, swearing all the while he would make her love him. Now they ae the couple that all other couples wish they were. Smiling and joking, working in tandem and keeping a united front to the world. You never get the feeling that either is angry of feeling that the other one is bossing. It is a job and an attitude that they share.   The show must go on and we must do what is necessary to get it done on time, beautifully, perfectly and tastefully. Watching them is a thing of beauty to behold.