We have decided to include a short narrative tale inside of our posts, so our readers can share in the fun and faux pas that occur in our kitchen. Our team is a close group of four super strong full-time ladies and I do mean LADIES and a one poor lonely guy, Rodney. Fortunately, Rodney is married to our chief cook and kitchen BOSS, so he doesn’t have to suffer too much at the hands of the others. The part time help consists of two lovely ladies (one of them is the author of this blog) and a part time gentleman (also a contributing author and IT of this blog). We are a tremendously supportive group and close knit to the end.

How about we introduce you to the gang?

The two true “Boss ladies” are Judy Bakehorn and her lovely daughter, Jill. Two better people were never born. Awesome, funny and quirky, the two of them started Bluegrass Catering in 1994. Judy was a widow with four children, a veteran of ice cream stores and traveling food carts, that thought to take her ideas one step further and make them into a permanent catering business.

A few long years down the road finds Judy in the corner of the kitchen with a bank of Kitchen-Aide (no plug intended) mixers and a set up that resembles mom’s kitchen including the sink and racks of condiments nearby. She tirelessly concocts beautiful little sweets and   stuffing for everything from apples to zucchini. Her cupcakes and mousse are unparalleled in their lightness and texture. She stuffs chicken, pork chops, peppers and mushrooms with all varieties of gooey goodness. Next to her is her loving sidekick, Bailey. Bailey remains quiet until he finds it necessary to demand attention. More about him later.

Ah… Jill. The woman never stops smiling unless you step on her toe. She truly is the backbone of the group. How any woman could be so tirelessly happy and supportive of her coworkers is beyond me.   She would be rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, to make sure it looked good on the way down. “Quality with a big smile”, that is Jill. Mother to three, yes, triplets, balls of energy and still time to run a successful business. Jill is often seen sitting at her desk, no wait, running around the kitchen, no wait, setting up parties, no wait, driving the thundering horde around, no wait, dealing with every problem that comes our way.  No job too big or small for Jill.

Meet more people next week…as our saga continues.